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Session 1
 Future Network Architecture - Power Network, Protection, Control and Market Requirements for 2020
  Douglas J A K, Roscoe N J, PB Power, Andrews S, Lower Watts Consulting, United Kingdom
 Smart Communications in Demand Management
  Carmona F, CITIC, Sanz R, López A, Cedetel, Mora D, Ericsson, Mora R, Siemens, Spain
 Evolution of DSO Control Centre Tool in order to Maximize the Value of Aggregated Distributed Generation in Smart Grids
  Sebastian M, EDF R&D, France,
Marti J, Iberdrola, Spain,
Lang P, EDF Energy Networks, United Kingdom
Session 2
 Development of Autonomous Demand Area Power System- Operation and Control for Regulation of System Voltage -
  Uemura S, Kobayashi H, The Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Japan
 Virtual Power Plant Field Experiment using 10 micro-CHP units at Consumer Premises
  Hommelberg M P F, Roossien B, Kok J K, Warmer C J, ECN Netherlands,
Turkstra J W Gasunie, E&T, Netherlands
 Maximisation of Intermittent Distributed Generation in Active Networks
  Harrison G P, Dent C J, Ochoa L F, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
 Asset Management arguments for Smart Grids
  Slootweg J G, Kuiper J, Berende M J C, Peters J C F M, Essent Netwerk B.V., Netherlands
Session 3
 Automation to maximise distributed generation contribution and reduce network losses
  Bell K R W, Quinonez-Varela G, Burt G M, University of Strathclyde United Kingdom
 An integrated MV distributed generation connection planning tool
  d'Albertanson B, Hawkins D, GE Energy, United Kingdom
 Optimal Design Policy and Strategic Investment in Distribution Networks with Distributed Generation
  Silva N, Strbac G, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
 Microturbine based Distributed Generator in Smart Grid Application
  Chowdhury S P, Saha A K, Jadavpur University, India,
Crossley P A, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom,
Chowdhury S, Women's Polytechnic, India
Session 4
 Impact of Microgrids concept on low voltage network reliability
  Herrmann N, MVV Energie AG, Schwaegerl C, Tao L, Siemens AG, Germany
 Universal Application of Synchronous Islanded Operation
  Laverty D M, Best R J, Morrow D J, Queens University Belfast, Crossley P A, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
 Definition of DG protection planning methods for network information systems
  Kärenlampi M, ABB Oy Distribution Automation, Järventausta P, Repo S, Mäki K, Tampere University of Technology, Finland
 Safety and Reliability for Smart-, Micro- and Islanded Grids
  Fickert L F, Friedl W F, Schmautzer E S, Obkircher C O, Institute for Electrical Power Systems, Graz University of Technology, Austria
Session 5
 InovGrid Project – Distribution network evolution as a decisive answer to new electrical sector challenges
  Cunha L V, EDP Distribuição, Reis J, noLimits Consulting, Lopes J A, INESC, Peças A J, Edinfor-LogicaCMG, Portugal
 Method and applications of IEC Common Information Model standard for Distribution Operations : a path towards smart grids development
  Fremont J, EDF R&D, Bouquet C, ERDF, Lambert E, EDF R&D, Carre O, ERDF, France
 "Self-Healing Networks Performance Improvement by Automated Switching Algorithm"
  Cox P W, E.On Central Networks, United Kingdom
 A Roadmap for Developing Real Time Distribution System Simulation Tools for the Smart Grid
  McGranaghan M, Dugan Roger, EPRI, Mamo X, EDF INA, United States,
Devaux O, Maire J, EDF R&D, France
Session 6
 Integration of combined heat and power micro units into the low voltage network by using a grid oriented operation mode
  Pielke M, Kurrat M, Technical University of Braunschweig, Institute for High Voltage Technology and Electrical Power Systems, Germany
 Demand Side Management Programs in the Western Sydney Areas
  Duo H, Bucca F, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Australia
 Application of energy storage systems minimizing effects of fluctuating feed-in of photovoltaic systems
    Bärwaldt G, Kurrat M, Technical University of Braunschweig, Institute for High Voltage Technolgoy and Electrical Power Systems, Germany
  Regulatory Frameworks for SmartGrid Implementation in Europe and the Next Steps
  Ferruccio Villa
Poster Session 1
 Demand for Wind, Maximising the Value of Wind Power Through Demand Side management
  Svendsen H, Econnect Ventures Ltd, Taylor P C, University of Durham, Barbier C, Econnect Ventures Ltd, Welby C Good Energy Ltd, United Kingdom
 "Integration is key to Smart Grid management "
  Rodríguez J, Telvent, Spain
 Standard Microsource Interface for a MicroGrid
  Barnes M, Binduhewa P J, Renfrew A C, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom
 Supergen FutureNet and FlexNet
  Woods A C, Green T, Walton CM, PPA Energy, United Kingdom
 Integrated modelling of gas and electricity distribution networks with a high penetration of embedded generation
  Acha S, Hernandez-Aramburo C A, Imperial College London United Kingdom
 "Norwegian electricity customers’ attitudes towards smart metering "
  Livgard E F, TNS Gallup, Norway
 Automation systems to support smart energy behaviour of small customers
  Diana M, Mauri G, Gramatica P, CESI RICERCA, Italy
 Interactive customer interface for advanced distribution management and electricity market
  Partanen J, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Järventausta P, Tampere University of Technology, Kärkkäinen S, Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland
 User Perception of Demand Side Management
  Nicholson G D, Barbier C, Kemsley R H, Thornley V, Econnect Ventures Limited, United Kingdom
 ADDRESS – Active demand for the smart grids of the future
  Losi A, University of Cassino, Italy,
Rooth R A, KEMA, Netherlands,
Cerero Real De Asua R, IBERDROLA Distribucion, Spain,
Paice A, ABB, Switzerland,
Valtorta G, ENEL Distribuzione, Italy,
Bouffard F, University of Manchester, United Kingdom,
Belhomme R, EDF, France
 Active Network Management of Voltage leading to Increased Generation and Improved Network Utilisation
  Reid D, Lang P, EDF Energy Networks, Thornley V, Hill J R A, Econnect Ventures Limited, United Kingdom
 National Technology Platform - Smart Grids Austria
  Fechner H, Arsenal Research, Prüggler W, Vienna University of Technology, Lugmaier A, Siemens AG, Austria
 Impact of the plus energy buildings on the voltage profile of the distribution networks
  Petit M, SUPELEC, Guiavarch A, CEP-Mines ParisTech, Le Pivert X, CEA-INES, France
 Settlement Issues for Advanced Metering with Retail Competition
  Hirst D R, RLtec, United Kingdom
 PRIME: PoweRline Intelligent Metering Evolution
  Sendin Al, Berganza I, Arriola J, Iberdrola, Spain
 An Italian facility to test Distributed Energy Resources management for SmartGrids
  Massucco S, University of Genoa, Testa A, University of Naples II, Cassino Nucci C A, University of Bologna, Caldon R University of Padova, Pilo F, University of Cagliari, Giglioli R, University of Pisa , Scalari S, ENEL Produzione, Valtorta G ENEL Distribuzione, Italy
Poster Session 2
 Locating Faults in Kuwait Distribution Networks
  Gilany M, El-Hasawi W, College of Technological Studies, Kuwait
 On-site trials of the new Supertapp n+AVC relay – a step towards an active network
  Hiscock J, Johnson N, Moore T, Creighton A, Beddoes A, Gillie M, EA Technology, United Kingdom
 Modelling of Pseudo-Measurements for Distribution System State Estimation
  Manitsas E, Singh R, Strbac G, Pal B, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
  Distribution network as communication system
  Mora R, Siemens, López A, Cedetel, Cabello A, CITIC, Mora D, Ericsson, Lobo F, CITIC, Spain
 LVSure Concept for Automation of LV Distribution Networks
  Lees M, EA Technology, Roberts D, Scottish Power Energy Networks, Eastwood G J, EA Technology, United Kingdom
 Feeder Automation improves Medium Voltage Network Operating Efficiency
  Chollot Y, Malot Al, Biasse J-M, INPG, France
 Advanced Stochastic Analysis of Massive DG Penetration—a Voltage Quality Case Study
  Schwaegerl C, Tao L, Mueller M, Siemens AG, Germany
 Integrating voltage control and power flow management in AuRA-NMS
  Botting D, ABB, Dolan M, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom,
Larrson M, ABB, Switzerland,
McArthur S, Davidson E, Ault G, University of Strathclyde, Xu T, Taylor P, University of Durham, Roberts D, Scottish Power, United Kingdom, Yuen C, ABB, Switzerland,
Lang P, EDF Energy, United Kingdom
 Economical and technical viability of Demand Response in the Spanish power system: the OPTIGES project
  Castellanos A, Endesa Network Factory, Rodriguez J.E, Anduaga J, Boyra M, Cobelo I, Tecnalia Energia, Spain
 Distribution network design, management and regulation
  Deuse J, Tractebel Engineering, Belgium,
Bourgain G, Gaz de France, France,
Purchala K, Tractebel Engineering, Belgium
 Coordinated Control and Management of Aggregated Distributed Energy Resources for Enhanced Business Case Viability
  Healey D H, Caroline H C, BPL Global, United States of America
 A Key Point for the Future Challenges of the SmartGrids: The Architecture of the Smart T-Station
  Arriola J, Iberdrola, Baroja H, Sanchez J A, Ormazabal, Spain
 ADINE – EU Demonstration Project of Active Distribution Network
  Mäki K J, Repo S P, Järventausta P, Tampere University of Technology, Samuelsson O, Lund University,Finland
 Deployment of Active Network Management Technologies in the UK and their Impact on the Planning and Design of Distribution Networks
  Ault G W, Currie R A F, MacDonald R A, University Of Strathclyde, United Kingdom
 A Laboratory Testbed for the Evaluation of Cyber Attacks to interacting ICT Infrastructures of Power Grid Operators
  Szanto J, Garrone F, Dondossola G, CESI RICERCA SpA, Fiorenza G, ENEL Distribuzione, Italy
 Advanced fault management as a part of smart grid solution
  Boskov E, Popovic D S, DMS Group, Serbia
 Benefits of using High Efficiency Power Equipment that Reduce Distribution System Losses
  Sacre A, Sacotte M, Faltermeier J-F, Folliot P, France Transfo, France
 Effects of DSTATCOM on Measured Impedance at Source Node of Distribution Feeder
  Shateri H, Jamali S, Kazemi A, Iran University of Science and Technology, Islamic Republic of Iran
 Power System Design - Basis for Efficient Smart Grid Initiatives
  Sensing A, Böse C, Siemens Energy Sector, Wittig F, Stadtwerke Brühl GmbH, Germany
 Control of multiple distributed generators for intentional islanding
  Crossley P A, Ten F, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Poster Session 3
 Current Development and Future plan for Smart Distribution Grid in Korea
    Park Y, Song I, Kwon S, Kim J, Power Distribution Laboratory in Korea Electric Power Research Institute (KEPRI), Korea
  Dynamic Thermal Rating for Increasing Network Capacity and Delaying Network Reinforcements
  Roberts D, Scottish Power, Michiorri A, Taylor P C, Durham University, United Kingdom
 The Control of a STATCOM with Supercapacitor Energy Storage for Improved Power Quality
  Yao L, Parashar R, AREVA T&D Technology Centre, Srithorn P, Sumner M,University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
 Description and Benefits of a Situation Awareness Tool Based on a Distribution State Estimator and Adapted to Smart Grids
  Maire J, Huet O, Sebastian M, EDF R&D, France
 Asynchronous Interconnection of a Microgrid
  Binduhewa P, Barnes M, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
 Assessing the Value of Active Constrained Connection Managers for Distribution Networks
  Taylor P C, Jupe S C E, University of Durham, Berry C, Scottish Power Energy Networks, United Kingdom
 Cost-Efficient Integration of Distributed Generation into Medium Voltage Networks by Optimized Network Planning
  Berg A, Krahl S, Paulun T, Institute of Power Systems and Power Economics, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
 DONG Energy - towards the Intelligent Utility Network
  Vinter P, DONG Energy, Denmark
 FACTS for voltage control and power quality improvement in distribution grids
  Grünbaum R, ABB, AB, Sweden
 Substation automation
  Johansen P, Jomitek, Denmark
 Demonstration Study on Centralized Voltage Control System for Distribution Line with Sudden Voltage Fluctuations
  Hatta H, Kobayashi H, CRIEPI, Japan
 Voltage and Current THD in Microgrid with Different DG Unit and Load Configurations
  Kauhaniemi K, Laaksonen H, University of Vaasa, Finland
 Microgrid Configuration for Major Network Events
  Taylor P, University of Durham, United Kingdom,
Funabashi T, Meidensha Corporation, Japan,
Cipcigan L, Cardiff University, United Kingdom,
Suzuoki Y, Kato T, Nagoya University, Japan
  A new formulation IPCA Based Method For Branch Current State Estimation in Distribution Networks
   Johari Majd V, Parsa Moghaddam M, Yaghoti A, Haghifam M R, Tarbit Modares University, Islamic Republic of Iran
 Maximum penetration level of Distributed Generation without violating voltage limits
  Morren J, Essent Netwerk B V, de Haan S W H, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
 Intelligent self-describing power grids
  Schnettler A, Schowe-von der Brelie B, Schröder A, FGH e V, Dreyer T, AUCOTEC AG, Germany
  Digital model of a Distribution Management System for the optimal operation of active distribution systems
  Pisano G, Soma G, Celli G, Pilo F, University of Cagliari, Italy
 Smart Grid – enabling Electricity Networks of the Future TODAY
  Arriola A J, Iberdrola, Spain, Casali, F, Current Group, Switzerland
 Potential of Power Electronics in Electricity Distribution Systems
  Haakana J, Voutilainen V, Kaipia T, Partanen J, Lassila Jukka, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Koivuranta K, Fortum Distribution, Finland
 Voltage and Frequency Control for Island Operated Induction Generators
  Samuelsson O, Björnstedt J, Lund University, Sweden
 Formulation of Pricing Mechanism For Microgrid Energy
   Chowdhury S P, Jadavpur University, Sinha A, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd,, India
 Implementation of interactivity across a resilient microgrid for power supply and exchange with an active distribution network
  Byabortta S, Women's Polytechnic, Lahiri R N, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, India
 Virtual Synchronous Machines (VSG's) For Frequency Stabilisation In Future Grids With A Significant Share Of Decentralized Generation
  Visscher K, Energy research Centre of the Netherlands, De Haan S W H, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
 Power Electronics in SmartGrids – Impact on Power System Reliability
  Lassila J, Peltoniemi P, Salonen P, Partanen J, Kaipia T, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland
 Reliability Study of a Microgrid System with Optimal Sizing and Placement of DER
  Bhattacharya A, Chowdhury S P, Jadavpur University, Basu A K, CIEM, Chowdhury S, Women's Polytechnic, India,
Crossley P A, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom
 Operation and Control of DG based Power Island in Smart Grid Environment
  Chowdhury S, Women's Polytechnic, India, Ten C F, Crossley P A, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom,
Chowdhury S P, Jadavpur University, India
  Towards a Framework for Modelling Active Networks
    Broadfoot I, Currie R, McDonald J, Ault G, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom
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