Sustainable Distribution Asset Management & Financing

Theme 2 : Operation, automation and protection issues

Oral Presentations

0023 Optimal short term operational planning for distribution networks
S Grenard, EDF R&D; O Carre, ERDF
0031 Coordination of protection and active network management for smart distribution networks
F Coffele, University of Strathclyde; M Dolan, University of Strathclyde;
C Booth, University of Strathclyde;
G Ault, University of Strathclyde; G Burt, University of Strathclyde
0049 Local voltage regulation influence on DG and distribution network
E Chabod, ERDF; L Karsenti, ERDF; J Witkowski, EDF R&D; G Malarange, EDF R&D
0085 On-load voltage regulation in the low voltage grid
R Schmid, Siemens AG; R-D Walz, E.ON Mitte AG; K Boldt, E.ON Mitte AG;
H Müller, Siemens AG; K Handt, Siemens AG; G Hipszki, Siemens Zrt
0132 Monitoring and control of active distribution grid
C Baldi, ENEL Distribuzione; F Corti, Siemens; G Di Lembo, ENEL Distribuzione;
F Nebiacolombo, Softeco Siismat
0200 Investigating the potential to maximise wind penetration on distribution networks through active control and the implications for network users and operators
E Diskin, ESB Networks; T Fallon, ESB Networks; T Hearne, ESB Networks;
A Keane, University College Dublin
0237 The effect of different control modes and mixed types of DG on the non-detection zones of islanding detection
O Raipala, Tampere University of Technology; A Mäkinen, Tampere University of Technology; S Repo, Tampere University of Technology;
P Järventausta, Tampere University of Technology
0257 Local intelligent circuit breakers - a new concept for the refurbishment of existing distribution network
P Novak, Schneider Electric; U Kaltenborn, Schneider Electric; R Summer, Schneider Electric; M Karstens, Schneider Electric
0330 Benefit assessment of energy storage for distribution network voltage regulation
G Celli, University of Cagliari; F Pilo, University of Cagliari; G Soma, University of Cagliari; D Dal Canto, ENEL IIN; E Pasca, ENEL IIN;
A Quadrelli, ENEL IIN
0352 The interaction between DSO and TSO to increase DG penetration - the Portuguese example
N Silva, EFACEC; A Maia Bernardo, EFACEC; R Pestana, REN; C Mota Pinto, EDP Distribuicao; A Carrapatoso, EFACEC; S Dias, EFACEC
0361 Coordinated voltage control in distribution systems with DG - control algorithm and case study
I Leisse, Lund University; O Samuelsson, Lund University; J Svensson, Lund University
0362 Network Islanding - A real event
M Louro, EDP Distribuição; C Cura, EDP Distribuição


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