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This flashdrive contains the proceedings fromthe CIRED Workshop 2014: Challenges of Implementing Active Distribution System Management. The flashdrive is designed to allow you to searchby various methods to find a particular paper or author at the workshop. The followingsearch capabilities are available on this flashdrive:

The Search Screen has a keyword searchwhich includes boolean logic options to enable you to widen or narrow yoursearch. The keyword search, searches through the paper titles andauthors provided for each paper.
You may type in any number of words thatyou wish to search on in this box. Leave a space between each word that youtype in. Do not use commas (,) to separate the words.

Boolean Logic
Anywords - The search results will include pages thathave ANY of the words you typed in.
Allwords - The search results will include pages thathave ALL of the words you type in.
Exactphrase - The search results will include pages thathave the exact phrase you typed in.

On the Search screen, you may also scrollthrough all of the papers in alphabetical order. Click on any of the titles toview the paper in pdf format.

On the Programme screen, you may select one of the 4 themes. Click on the theme title to view thelist of abstracts in that theme.

On the Author Index screen, you may alsoscroll through the list of Speakers in alphabetical order. Click on the titlesto view the paper.

NOTE: This flashdrive contains the paperspresented by the authors. NOTE: The papers are in Adobe Acrobat format.In order to view the papers/presentations you need tohave either a full version of Adobe Acrobat or the Adobe ® Acrobat ® Reader ®.The reader is freely available from the Adobe website.


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