cired workshops


Workshop 2024 Chicago

The CIRED non-European Workshop will be held in Chicago (USA) on 7-8 November 2024. It will address Resilience of Electric Distribution Systems. More information on this event

Workshop 2024 Vienna

The CIRED European Workshop will be held in Vienna (Austria) on 19-20 June 2024. It will address Increasing Distribution Network Hosting CapacityMore information on this event

Workshop 2022 Porto

The next CIRED Workshop will be held in Porto (Portugal) on 2-3 June 2022. It will address E-mobility and power distribution systemMore information on this event

Workshop 2022 Shanghai

Smart power distribution for sustainable and fast evolving cities
online event - 21-22 September 2022
Additional information to follow at

Workshop 2020 Berlin

How to Implement Flexibility in the Distribution System?
Berlin (Germany), 22-23 September 2020 -NEW DATES !!

Workshop 2018

Microgrids and Local Energy Communities
Ljubljana (Slovenia), 7-8 June 2018

Workshop 2016

Electrical Networks for the Society and People
Helsinki (Finland), 14-15 June 2016

Workshop 2014

Challenges of Implementing Active Distribution System Management
Rome (Italy), 11-12 June 2014

Workshop 2012

Integration of Renewables into the Distribution Grid
Lisbon (Portugal), 29-30 May 2012

Workshop 2010

Sustainable Distribution Asset Management & Financing
Lyon (France), 7-8 June 2010

Workshop 2008

Smart Grids for Distribution
Frankfurt (Germany), 23-24 June 2008