International Conference on Electricity Distribution

CIRED - international conference on electricity distribution


Registration open for CIRED 2023
It is now possible to register for CIRED 2023 ! Do not delay your registration and join the 2000+ experts who will meet in Rome on 12-15 June 2023. Direct link to register
CIRED 2023 - accepted submissions
1058 abstracts were selected for CIRED 2023. This will for sure be a not-to-be missed event !
Have a first glimpse at the list of selected abstracts!
Authors are now invited to submit a full paper by 23 January. All information can be found here.
CIRED 2023 submissions of papers
The deadline for submitting abstracts for CIRED 2023 is now over and we are quite pleased to announce that 1400+ proposals of papers have been received from all over the world. Warm thanks to all who will contribute to have a very successful event !
WG 2018-5 smart metering final report
We are very pleased to annouce that the final report of the CIRED Working Group 2018-5 on New Role of Smart Metering in Grid Planning, Control and Operation is now available for free download
Workshop Porto - record participation
We are more than happy to have registered an amazing record of participation for the Workshop Porto on E-mobility that was held in Porto on 2-3 June 2022. 472 delegates took part and most of them were in Porto to meet each other and have the opportunity to network again
new CIRED association
We are very proud to announce that a new CIRED association was created replacing the former de facto association. The constituent general meeting was held on 23 May 2022 in Brussels. The list of General Assembly members can be found here