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Best Young Academic Paper Award
To celebrate its 25th edition and to continue its constant evolution, CIRED created a Best Young Academic Paper Award. Up to 6 promising young academics will be given the floorn Madrid.
Workshop 2018 - 403 participants
CIRED Workshop 2018 (Helskinki, (3-6 June 2018) iregistered a record number of 403 participants, coming from 33 countries. Photos are available here
WG Smart Secondary Substations - final report
The final report for the CIRED Working Group on Smart Secondary Substations - Technology Development and Distribution System Benefits is now available. Click here to download it
Workshop 2018 - 223 selected papers
223 papers were selected to be presented either in oral or poster sessions during the CIRED Workshop 2018. Detailed programme available soon. Pay a regular visit to the Workshop website :
Workshop 2018 - submission of papers

We are very happy to announce that 406 proposals of papers have been received for the next CIRED Workshop on "Microgrids and local energy communities" (Ljubljana, 7-8 June 2018). A great success !
More information about the Workshop can be found at

Report WG Technical and non-technical losses available
The final report for CIRED WG 2015-2 on Technical and non-technical losses - Reduction of technical and non-technical losses in distribution networks has been published. Further information on this WG and final report downloadable at